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H.C. Andersen is the most famous Dane in the world, and a part of our common cultural heritage. The cobbler boy who became one of the great storytellers of our time, a unique man who could truly see the world for all its beauty and diversity. He could peer in behind the facade of man to uncover the agenda of their souls, and in the most illustrious way convey all of this to us through his fairy tales, told to children and adults alike. H.C. Andersen managed to deliver a great deal of learning through his fairy tales:

But have we understood it?

And have we learned from it?

It is through art that these questions must continue to challenge us as humans, both today and into the future.

H.C. Andersen was a very close friend of H.C. Ørsted. It was through this friendship that H.C. Andersen was able to satisfy his immense interest in technology, a topic which he also wrote about.

Kalundborg Municipality and The Independent Institution H.C. Andersen Art Center stand behind this grand project. The H.C. Andersen Art Center will be located at Lerchenborg in Kalundborg which is fitting since, like so many other castles and manor houses in Denmark, it was visited by H.C. Andersen himself.

H.C. Andersen Art Center will be a knowledge and experience center at international level. Dissemination will take place through art and the digital world using modern instruments. The site will be a Danish cultural beacon that will attract children and young people, challenging them as part of a school curriculum, or just as visitors.

H.C. Andersen Art Center is seeking a curator and art communicator. See job post


A journey into fairy tale emotions,

expressed through the art of rumination and reflection.

H.C. Andersen Art Center will be a universe where you can create your own  experiences.



The Independent Institution, H.C. Andersen Art Center, led by CEO Susanne Weihe, has worked since 2015 to establish an international art, experience and knowledge center that interprets H.C. Andersen's adventures and his universe. Realisation of Weihe’s idea will be fulfilled in part with foundation funds.

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The almost limitless space of Lerchenborg's stable building will provide the setting for new, unexpected and challenging art experiences. Lerchenborg Estate is one of Denmark's largest manor estates on the Asnæs peninsula, south of Kalundborg.

H.C. Andersen visited Lerchenborg's living quarters in July 1862. And wrote poetry within its setting. Now the fairy tale poet's spirit will once again inhabit the space, entering into a dialogue with the stable’s authenticity, and unfolding with visionary and location-specific, fairy tale works.

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As an experimental theater that casts artists, artworks and their audiences as participating actors, the scenography and technology will elevate Lerchenborg's stable building to that of an international cultural beacon. With breathtaking beauty, surprising effects and especially unique, sensuous staging of H.C. Andersen's fairy tales interpreted by leading artists. Space for art, knowledge, and experiences.

The artworks at H.C. Andersen Art Center will create an immersive experience that awakens curiosity, arouses emotions and feeds the imagination.


A unique interplay between contemporary art, literature, fantasy, science, and philosophy.



Susanne Weihe, CEO

H.C. Andersen Art Center

Vimmelskaftet 19

DK-4300 Holbæk


T: +45 9393 0335

E: weihe@hcaartcenter.dk